24 hours a day I live what I do and what I love. And that is reflected in my teaching. Whether face-to-face or as online training – I take the time for horses and riders from all over the world and after our joint training session I also think about how I can best support you, which solutions are the right ones for your horse and how we can get the most out of you can get both out. The joy, fun and lightness of horse and rider should never be neglected.
Every rider is welcome in my lessons – regardless of whether you ride at E level or Grand Prix level, your partner is a 3 or 20 year old horse.
I am happy to be able to support you on your way.

Individual one-on-one training

First we analyze the current status of horse and rider. Then we will develop a concept together on how to get to “Riding Better”. This is followed by systematic training under my guidance and alone at home.
What is important to me: horse and rider should have fun and a sense of achievement together. The training should always end with a good feeling.
Every rider is welcome in my lessons. It doesn’t matter whether you ride at E level or at Grand Prix level, your partner is a 3 or 20 year old horse.
I am happy to be able to support you on your way.


seminars and courses

All year round I give courses for the FN, for the state equestrian sports associations and at district, district and club level. But I also work beyond the German border in various European countries and overseas.
I design my course topics in a variety of ways and always respond to the individual horse-rider pairs.
For me, a 2-day course begins on the first day with the basic work. I concentrate on a good foundation and let individual, selected lessons practice. On the second day I offer the opportunity to ride tasks of different levels. The rides are discussed and evaluated by me from the trainer’s and judge’s point of view. Then I give tips for further training at home. All my lessons incl. the task riding can be filmed.

Training Ambassador of the German Equestrian Federation (FN)

As a training ambassador, I am jointly responsible for seminars for the personal members (PM) of the FN and for trainers.
The seminars take place throughout Germany, mostly as evening events lasting several hours.

A list of the currently planned FN seminars can be found here:

More about my philosophy and my way to “riding better”.

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