Better Riding – From basic training to fine riding

In this book, Christoph Hess shows that, from his point of view, a well-founded basic training is the most important basis for both ambitious tournament and recreational riders. In this book, Christoph Hess understands how to explain the guidelines based on practice, based on the respective problem, and to make them understandable to those who are interested.
Riding that corresponds to the nature of the horse is important to Christoph Hess. That’s why he keeps trying to explain the nature of the horse; because only one will be a good rider who understands his horse, listens to it and derives the right conclusions for his own riding. This is the path by which the rider arrives at fine riding and harmony between rider and horse.

Better Riding – For advanced riders

Problems in the advanced training of your horse? Then get to the root of the problem.

In this book “Better Riding for Advanced Riders” Christoph Hess focuses on the problems of advanced riders and the training of horses that have been ridden further.
Christoph Hess answers a selection of questions put to him in a practical way that can be implemented in the practice of each individual rider. Christoph Hess claims to “get to the root of the problem”. First he analyzes the problem, which usually has its origins in the basic training of the horse. Often the rider has not allowed enough time in his own training or that of his horse. He took the second step before the first. Against this background, the author gradually builds up a solution concept with various proposed solutions.

Which Christoph Hess book is right for me?

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